Gadjo Guitars


Sophisticated, classy, passionate, and world class.


Gypsy Jazz at its best


The guitarists are Nigel Date, Jose Zarb and Cameron Jones.


Nigel has been a professional guitarist for over 25 years. He has worked with a long list of renowned jazz musicians and distinguished ensembles, performing at major festivals, touring the country and the world.


Jose has had a long career working with some of Sydney’s most successful world music bands both as a guitar player and singer. He is sought after as a rhythm guitar player and brings passion and energy to every performance.


Cameron Jones is making a name for himself as a versatile expert guitarist, adept at jazz, country and rock music. He plays with many bands that regularly perform in Sydney and around Australia.


Gadjo Guitars is a vibrant, sparkling, swinging acoustic guitar trio. Full of good energy, humour and possessing a unique Australian flavour, they are guaranteed to create a wonderful atmosphere and leave you breathless, smiling and asking for more.


Double Bass and Violin can be added to the line up on request.


What people are saying about Gadjo Guitars


Gadjo Guitars Wednesday night residency judged one of the top 10 jazz gigs in Sydney by blog Concrete Playground


Review of our album L’amour En Douce on John Hardakker’s Words About Music Blog


“My wife and I hired Gadjo Guitars 5 piece band to play at our wedding after hearing a demo of them playing at one of their Sydney gigs! When they turned up at the wedding we knew straight away we had made a brilliant choice, Cameron and the guys were so professional in their conduct, dress and also very importantly their respect of the ceremony going on at the time. They set up quickly and quietly, with plenty of time before they needed to start so they were 100% ready when we had planned for them to start playing. The music was just amazing, it was like having Django Reinhardt’s band playing for us, they progressed through tempo throughout the night seamlessly and worked their music in so well with the mood of our guests. By the end of the night the energy coming from the band was just amazing and everyone who attended the wedding just raved about how much they loved them! I would highly recommend these guys to anyone with a taste for Jazz or just an appreciation for incredible musicians! They set the most amazing mood and feeling at our wedding and I just cant offer enough thanks to the guys for putting on such a great show!”

Alex & Val Meisch
September 2013

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